In the second season, the Calvin family is back in the North Pole as Scott Calvin continues his role as Santa Claus after retirement plans were thwarted when he failed to find a worthy successor in season one. Now that Scott and his family have successfully saved Christmas, Scott turns his focus towards training his son Cal to eventually take over the “family business” as Santa Claus. However, a bit of North Pole magic brings an unexpected challenge to Scott’s plan

ILM contributed successfully to the first season with StageCraft LED work. For Season 2, ILM StageCraft was used once again and ILM contributed post visual effects as well. The visual effects work on the project was overseen by Trevor Hazel, with a seamless partnership between ILM’s San Francisco office and SDFX. Together, the team ultimately delivered 333 shots of Christmas cheer for the series.

ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Trevor Hazel
ILM StageCraft LED Content VFX Supervisor
Andrew Roberts
Virtual Production Supervisor
Chris Jones
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer
Katherine Farrar Bluff
ILM StageCraft Executive Producer
Chris Bannister
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Brooke Masotti
ILM StageCraft LED Content Producer
Brian Behling
ILM StageCraft Virtual Production Producer
Andrew Watkins