Innovation is in ILM’s DNA. Throughout the past two decades, we have focused our R&D team on virtual production. Today, those tools & techniques are all incorporated together into ILM StageCraft™, an end-to-end solution supporting all aspects of virtual production. StageCraft allows filmmakers to explore new ideas, communicate concepts, and execute shots in a collaborative and flexible production environment – the most powerful toolset we’ve ever created.

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Technoprops is the Academy Award®-winning virtual production hardware division of ILM. The team design, develop, manufacture, and provide bespoke services for virtual production, and high-fidelity motion and performance capture.

"It is our job to keep pushing this medium forward. It is our responsibility to keep challenging the tools of storytelling and asking ourselves again, and again, and again, how can we deliver more for our audience and that is the legacy of ILM."
Bryce Dallas Howard
Actress and Director

Performance Capture

ILM has a long and distinguished history of innovation in the performance capture space. Since 1999, ILM has leveraged performance capture to bring realistic motion to the characters we help create, hero digital doubles, stunt performances, background action, animals, crowds, and creatures. In 2010 ILM’s Imocap on set performance capture technology was honored with an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. Imocap is an innovative system that successfully addresses the need for on-set, low-impact performance capture consisting of custom hardware and software.

Facial Capture

At the forefront of facial performance capture, ILM has bespoke solutions for all manner of facial capture. Whether it's live on set or on a secondary stage, ILM's innovative markered and markerless solutions offer the accuracy and flexibility to capture any performance.

LED Volumes

As a pioneer and leader in the virtual production space, ILM has developed production-proven methodologies, specialized tools, and bespoke technology that bring unprecedented control and flexibility to our StageCraft LED volume. Whether you’re looking to film in one of our existing volumes or you’d prefer a unique solution, we can demystify the process and work with you to ensure success.