TMNT: Out of the Shadows features believable CG character performances for six lead characters created with equal parts performance capture and keyframe animation. Developed for the film, ILM Muse allows for the actor’s performance to be captured on-set or in a volume at the highest fidelity. Both were done for the film utilizing Technoprops award-winning HMC units. This becomes the basis for the CG character’s performance which then have the ability to be manipulated as necessary by an animator.

Between ILM San Francisco and Vancouver, 768 visual effects shots were completed.

David Green
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Pablo Helman
ILM Co-Visual Effects Supervisor
Robert Weaver
ILM Animation Supervisor
Kevin Martel
ILM Associate Animation Supervisor
Shawn Kelly
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer
Wayne Billheimer
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Susan Greenhow
ILM Associate Visual Effects Producer
Marissa Gomes