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In addition to creating the Ark and the great flood as depicted in the biblical epic, ILM was tasked with helping Darren Aronofsky envision creatures such as the Watchers.

Another challenge posed by the director was how to create a time-lapse depiction of 14 billion years of evolution. That took some time.

Director: Darren Aronofsky
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor: Ben Snow
ILM Associate Visual Effects Supervisors: Philippe Rebours, Patrick Roos
Additional ILM Visual Effects Supervisor: Grady Cofer
ILM Animation Supervisor: Marc Chu
ILM Visual Effects Producer: Jill Hughes
ILM Visual Effects Art Director: Aaron McBride
ILM Studios: San Francisco, Singapore

Case Study


Release Date: March 28, 2014

A major plot point required an entire CG forrest to sprint from the soil in a single continuous shot providing wood from which the ark would be constructed. Another required massive fluid simulations designed to create the flood that carries the ark away. Both poses unique challenges and required the development of specialized software to achieve the desired result.

Another interesting story point revolved around the animal's arrivals at the ark. For this sequence ILM literally created thousands of unique creatures, many of which were featured grouped together in shots. In fact, one shot in the film required 8,000 animals to be seen walking towards the ark – This single shot was the most computationally intense shot in the company's history.