As the Visual Effects Supervisor for ILM, Jeff White supervised the creation of 700 shots that encompassed a wide variety of sequences. During production, he collaborated on-set with production VFX supervisor Janek Sirrs to oversee plate photography for ILM shots. Because we were limited with principal photography in New York, White was part of the team that planned and executed the largest photography shoot ILM had ever undertaken to capture the material used as a basis for building an entirely virtual New York City. 

ILM created the Chitauri alien race as well as the new Mark VII Iron Man suit, Stark Tower, the Quinjet, and the Helicarrier. Some of the most difficult work on the show however was the creation of the Hulk. Hulk’s creation was a complex process of data acquisition for the asset build, on-set motion capture for body and facial performances of Mark Ruffalo, and the development of new skin and hair shaders and simulation systems to accurately represent skin motion.

The film received Academy Award and BAFTA nominations for Best Visual Effects, six VES Award nominations and two wins, was nominated for two Annie Awards winning one, and won both the Hollywood Film Award for Visual Effects of the Year, and an HPA Award for Outstanding Compositing.

Joss Whedon
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
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ILM Animation Supervisor
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ILM Visual Effects Producer
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