Marvel’s The Avengers

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2012 Academy Award® Nomination for Best Achievement in Visual Effects

2013 BAFTA Award Nomination for Best Special Visual Effects

Director: Joss Whedon
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff White
ILM Animation Supervisor: Marc Chu
ILM Associate Visual Effects Supervisor: Jason Smith, Nigel Sumner, Brennan Doyle
ILM Visual Effects Art Director: Yanick Dusseault
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer: Wayne Billheimer
ILM Visual Effects Producer: Katie Lynch, Stuart McAra
ILM Studios: San Francisco, Singapore

Case Study

Marvel’s The Avengers

Release Date: May 4, 2012

Earth's mightiest heroes must come together to pull the world back from the brink of disaster when an unexpected enemy threatens global security.

ILM’s crew, lead by visual effects supervisor Jeff White, associate visual effects supervisors Jason Smith, Nigel Sumner and Brennan Doyle and Animation supervisor Marc Chu, were tasked with creating The Hulk, based on equal parts on-set performance capture and key frame animation and creating Iron Man’s iconic suit for every shot we worked on, as well as hero digital doubles for each of the film stars.

ILM also created the entirety of the midtown Manhattan environment which features heavily throughout the film. The crew completed a 275,000-photo survey mapping a massive swath of Manhattan in order to painstakingly recreate the location for the film’s action-packed end battle.

Above the city flew ILM’s Helicarrier, which at the time of production, was the largest model the company had ever created totaling 38,102,436 polygons.