Mank follows screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz’s tumultuous development of Orson Welles’ iconic masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941). ILM contributed a series of shots to the film including the various animals housed at the Hearst Castle private zoo. ILM created a host of photo-real CG animals to complete the scenes featuring capuchin monkeys, giraffe, elephants, and their environs such as the ornate wrought-iron victorian-era monkey’s enclosure and the gated grass area housing the roaming elephants and giraffe.

Since the film was shot in black and white, ILM’s paint and roto team had their work cut out for them. The actors and foreground elements were meticulously rotoscoped and extracted so compositors could incorporate the environments, animals, and sky replacements behind them all fully art directed by David Fincher himself.


David Fincher
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Pablo Helman
ILM Animation Supervisor
Matthew Cowie
ILM Associate Visual Effects Supervisor
Sherry Hitch
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer
Erin Dusseault
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Flannery Huntly
ILM VFX Associate Producer
Andrew Poole