Slow-witted Forrest Gump, never thinking of himself as disadvantaged, leads anything but a restricted life.

ILM broke new ground in weaving archival footage seamlessly into the film’s story, allowing Forrest Gump to shake hands with Presidents Nixon, Johnson, and Kennedy.

A variety of “invisible” effects were also created for the film, including the now iconic falling feather, the transformation of Lieutenant Dan into a double amputee, scenes of war in Vietnam, crowds in the National Mall, the Olympic ping pong battle, and filling an Alabama football stadium with raucous fans.

ILM’s effects team was honored with the Academy Award® for Visual Effects in 1994.

Robert Zemeckis
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Ken Ralston
ILM Animation Supervisor
Sam Comstock
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Debbie Denise
ILM Visual Effects Art Director
Doug Chiang