For Bird Box, ILM extended their Academy Award®-winning toolkit for digital water simulations to generate highly detailed and complex river surfaces.

The antagonist of Bird Box is ’The Presence’, an indescribable force of evil, that can never be looked at, without losing your mind. Though the presence itself is never seen, ILM designed the supernatural effects it has on the environment, thus implying the horrors nearby. Photoreal replicas of the Redwood Forest and Wild Water Rapids were created to blend seamlessly with the shoot locations in surrounding shots. The team also completed a variety of invisible visual effects work including: crazy eyes, face replacements, exploding cars, augmenting special effects, and environment alterations and digital set extension.

Overall Visual Effects Supervisor
Mark Bakowski
ILM Visual Effects Supervisors
Jeff Capogreco
ILM Art Director
Kacy KcDonald
ILM Animation Supervisor
Jason Horley
ILM CG Supervisor
Chris Lentz
ILM 2D Supervisor
Peter Kyme
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Jan Maroske
Sophie Dawes