From Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis comes Back to the Future — the original, groundbreaking adventure that sparked one of the most successful trilogies ever. Powered by innovative special effects, unforgettable songs, and non-stop action, Back to the Future is an unrivaled adventure that easily stands the test of time!

ILM created a series of special-effects shots for the first installment in this franchise, including the hallmark time-travel sequence, complete with a dynamic display of light and color as well as the shocking effects surrounding Doc’s “weather experiment” (helmed by the animation department). ILM was also tasked with creating the film’s parting shot of the famed DeLorean time machine lifting off and flying… To the Future.

Robert Zemeckis
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Ken Ralston
ILM Animation Supervisor
Charlie Mullen
ILM Visual Effects Art Director
Phillip Norwood