Getting back was only the beginning, as the most spectacular time-travel adventure continues in Back to the Future Part II — the sequel that proves that lightning can strike twice!

ILM’s work for this film included a series of ambitious multi-split-screen shots featuring Marty and his alternate future family (all played by Michael J. Fox), as well as the introduction of a 3D shark to the suburb of the futuristic Lone Pines. ILM’s model shop also built and puppeteer a fully articulated, remote-control 1/15-scale DeLorean and a variety of other vehicles for the film’s numerous flying sequences.

To meet the script demands, ILM’s engineers developed VistaGlide — a portable motion control dolly system with video-playback — which enabled camera operators to record and review their work almost instantly. In recognition of their groundbreaking work on the film, ILM was nominated for an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects.

Robert Zemeckis
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Ken Ralston
ILM Animation Supervisor
Scott Farrar
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Wes Takahashi
ILM Visual Effects Art Director
Suella Kennedy
John Bell