Avengers: Infinity War contained over 2,700 shots, just 80 of which were non-visual effects shots. Meaning just 3% of the shots in the film went untouched by the film’s massive global visual effects team. Under the supervision of production visual effects supervisor Dan DeLeeuw, ILM visual effects supervisor Russell Earl, and ILM animation supervisor Kevin Martel, ILM was primarily responsible for creating Wakanda, the Wakandan army and the massive battle with the invading hoards of Outriders. The team was also tasked with creating full CG characters like Hulkbuster, War Machine, Iron Man and digital versions of characters such as Black Panther, Thor, Captain America, and Falcon.

The visual effects on Avengers Infinity War was recognized with a nomination for Best Visual Effects from the Academy, BAFTA,  as well as three Visual Effects Society Awards nominations. The work also won 4 additional VES Awards and the Hollywood Film Award for Visual Effects of the Year.

Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Russell Earl
ILM Animation Supervisor
Kevin Martel
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Katherine Farrar Bluff
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer
Jeanie King