ILM was responsible for 1600 total visual effects shots in Aladdin, which were split across our London, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Singapore studios.

The show had many challenges and technological breakthroughs, one of which was the first use of Disney Research Studio’s ‘Anyma’ in a film; this new markerless performance capture technology was used to record Will Smith’s facial performance as Genie. As there were no facial markers or tracking devices necessary, the technology gave him free rein to move and express himself as energetically as he pleased. ILM’s simulation artists and animators then created the swirling vortex which occupies Genie’s lower body – Virtually a character unto itself. In addition to Genie, the ILM team was responsible for creating the performances of the infamous macaw Iago, Aladdin’s lovable monkey Abu, the magic carpet, hundreds of parading elephants, and more, as well as the film’s most notable environments, Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders.

Fun Facts: Five of the musical numbers from the 1992 animated classic are featured in the film (“Friend Like Me”, “A Whole New World”, “Arabian Nights”, “One Jump Ahead”, and “Prince Ali”) along with a new original song “Speechless” by Alan Menken and La La Land songwriting team, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. A handful of shots directly recreate moments from the 1992 animated feature.

Guy Richie
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Mike Mulholland
David Seager
Daniele Bigi
Jeff Capogreco
ILM Animation Supervisor
Steve Aplin
Tim Harrington
ILM Visual Effects Art Director
Jason Horley
ILM Visual Effects Producer
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Ed Randolph
Cabral Rock
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer
Ann Podlozny