ILM’s work on Michael Bay’s 6 Underground was overseen by visual effects supervisor Jason Snell. The action-packed film features a number of photoreal digital environments, hero digital doubles, and all manner of death-defying stunts, high-speed chases, crashes, and explosions. The team also created stunning car and motorcycle chase sequences, an elaborate fight sequence on a yacht, and CG stunt double work throughout. In addition, a few hundred gallons of water were simulated as a stunning glass-encased cantilevered rooftop pool gets shot up and rapidly empties over the side of the building all created in the digital realm.

Adding to the challenge, the film utilized nearly 20 different camera formats all of which had to be matched as visual effects work was seamlessly added to the shots.

Michael Bay
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor
Jason Snell
ILM Executive Visual Effects Producer
Luke O'Byrne
ILM Visual Effects Producer
Lee Briggs