Technoprops is the Academy Award®-winning virtual production hardware division of ILM. The team design, develop, manufacture, and provide bespoke services for virtual production, and high-fidelity motion and performance capture.

Technoprops hardware and software solutions can be found on the sets of productions worldwide and have been used on such notable projects as: The Mandalorian, every Star Wars film and series, The Jungle Book, Avatar, Call of the Wild, Avengers: End Game and Infinity War, Zero Dark Thirty, Kong: Skull Island, as well as video games including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry, Halo 4, and Until Dawn.

In 2021, Technoprops innovative Head-Mounted-Camera (HMC) Performance Capture technology won an Academy Award for their accomplishments and contribution in significant and lasting ways to motion pictures.

In addition, Technoprops’ state-of-the-art Active Marker System is seeing wide use in both film and television where highly accurate, production-hardened solutions are highly prized. The markers feature fully integrated, rechargeable power cores.