ILM has a long and distinguished history of innovation in the performance capture space. Since 1999, ILM has leveraged performance capture to bring realistic motion to the characters we help create, hero digital doubles, stunt performances, background action, animals, crowds, and of course, creatures.

With our full featured performance capture stages in San Francisco and London our teams capture all manner of performances for film, television, games, and immersive entertainment both locally and remotely with clients all over the world.

From 50-foot tall Transformers, to clever raptors for the Jurassic World films, to a fight between Iron Man and Whiplash, to characters such as the High Five, and the avatars in the OASIS in Ready Player One, and Maz, Snoke, and K-2SO in the Star Wars universe, all of these memorable characters have been brought to life by our talented animation teams with the assistance of performance capture.