Fred Palacio


Fred Palacio joined the ILM Vancouver Studio as a VFX Art Director in the Fall of 2016 after coming in the top three for The ILM Star Wars Artstation Challenge. His entry was among 3800 entries that were submitted worldwide.

Having started his career in pursuit of an engineering degree in Stuttgart Germany, Fred soon found that he was an artist at heart and left that career path to pursue his artistic dreams and worked as a CG Supervisor in the advertising and film business attracting such high end clients as Honda and Ford, before ultimately reinventing himself as a Concept Artist and Art Director.

With a passion for innovation, Palacio prides himself on shifting between multiple toolsets. What is most important to Palacio, as a self-taught artist, is that he can ensure that a client’s vision and needs are met through design.

Originally from France he has lived in Germany, Japan and Brazil and speaks four languages. Palacio has a great passion for exploring cultures and seeking different life experiences. He is currently residing with his family in Vancouver, Canada