Christina Sours is an Associate Virtual Production Producer responsible for StageCraft Volume Buildouts and Virtual Production Services. When she’s not moonlighting as a freediver or photographer, she contributes to ILM Virtual Production on specific projects and strategy, working with both engineers and production teams on operations, crewing, capacity and technology development. Christina has worked on ILM’s StageCraft volume in Los Angeles, California for season two of The Mandalorian in 2019 and in Sydney, Australia standing up the Stagecraft Volume for Marvel’s production Thor: Love and Thunder between 2020 and 2021.

Originally from San Carlos, California Christina studied Medieval Literature at Bowdoin College, Maine. Pivoting from Publishing and Marketing early on, she started her film career on-set as a PA and Coordinator before joining ILM in 2017 from GoPro. She spent her first ILM years in the Technology department routing global R&D support then Project Managing for Rendering, Comp and Virtual Production R&D teams. In 2019 Christina transitioned to StageCraft Production work to manage both ILM’s development of the StageCraft full production service as well as the local San Francisco Motion and Facial Performance Capture stage team. Her passion for people and creative team building has enabled her to lead complex projects requiring expertise from across practically all ILM departments. Her background in ILM Technology brings together the pieces of both physical production and engineering needed to successfully build and operate StageCraft Volumes and other Virtual Production systems that continue to develop.