Ben Snow


Raised in rural Australia, Ben Snow studied computing and film at the University of Canberra. He did a variety of work and traveled extensively before working as a runner for a computer graphics house in London. Snow later returned to Australia to set up the computer animation department for a company in Sydney, where he worked on commercials and broadcast indents and openers, including a computer graphics title sequence for the TV series, Beyond 2000.

Snow left Australia to join Industrial Light & Magic in 1994, where his first project was to help create the three-dimensional computer graphics image of the Enterprise B for Star Trek: Generations. This version had to intercut seamlessly with the motion-control model shot on ILM’s soundstage, one of the first such endeavors for a feature film.

After spending several years in New Zealand with Weta Digital as Visual Effects Supervisor on King Kong, Snow returned to ILM in 2008 to work as the company’s Visual Effects Supervisor on the Marvel franchise kickstarter, Iron Man. He also served as the Visual Effects Supervisor on Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic, Noah. Since rejoining ILM, Snow has been honored with a number of Academy Award, Visual Effects Society, and BAFTA nominations for achievement in visual effects.