Andrew Roberts is an award winning Digital Artist and Supervisor who has engaged in visual effects and computer graphics across Europe, Asia and America for the past 25 years.

A London native of Caribbean descent, Andrew received his HNC in Computer Programming & Systems Analysis at Lewisham College, before pursuing a variety of careers including medical illustrator, CAD draftsman, computer programmer and technical writer. During an overseas writing assignment, he met visionary software designer Gary Yost, who sparked his interest in 3D graphics. Throughout the 90’s Roberts worked at many levels in the UK games industry, as an Artist, Creative Producer and 3D Supervisor, later moving to commercials and TV shows.

In 1997, Roberts relocated to Los Angeles and honed his 3D skills in game production, episodic and feature animation. His knowledge of the business broadened during a visit to the Cannes Film Festival where he secured a distribution deal for the animated film AeroTroopers: The Nemeclous Crusade.

In 2001, Roberts joined Digital Dimension, where his work garnered him Sports Emmy Awards for Super Bowl XXXVI, Super Bowl XXXIX and Primetime Emmy and Visual Effects Society Award nominations for Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. He continued perfecting his craft there and at subsequent companies including Prime Focus and Pixomondo, on films as varied as Live Free or Die Hard, Sucker Punch, After Earth and Avatar.

These years also included on-set VFX Supervision on McGuyver and The Middle, as well as the VES nominated Chinese motion ride Hubei In The Air. This project required a 6 week location scout, drone shoot and on-set VFX supervision in Hubei, China. Roberts joined ScanlineVFX in 2017, playing an integral CG supervision role on several high-profile features including Aquaman, Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Gemini Man, and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Roberts continues deepening his VFX supervision skills, donating his time on independent films and projects of cultural significance. A recent example PrizeFighter was a stop-motion/ CG hybrid film highlighting 3 pivotal days in the life of African-American heavyweight boxing champ Jack Johnson. For The Night They Came Roberts’ team delivered VFX shots for the stereotype shattering short film about a grieving boy from Compton as he attempts to finish his deceased father’s scientific work and communicate with him one last time.

Throughout his career, one of Roberts’ passions has been to assist, train and mentor the artists he works with. His varied experience includes assisting lighting & FX artists in the Philippines during production of the island’s first animated feature, Hoodwinked, presenting approaches for efficient VFX pipelines at Autodesk University in Tokyo and delivering VFX production case studies at South Bank University in London and The Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

Andrew Roberts is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Visual Effects Branch), the Visual Effects Society, ACM Siggraph and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Special Visual Effects).