The Academy Award®-winning MEDUSA system is an exclusive service offering presented in partnership with Disney Research Studios and ILM. The pioneering facial capture system has been a cornerstone for digital character realization on some of the most notable blockbusters of the past few years. The system provides video based high-fidelity markerless facial capture for expressions or performance. Filming with our specialized array at high frame rates, we capture every detail. The MEDUSA facial capture rig is mobile and can travel anywhere in the world, wherever your key talent is available.

An exciting new addition to our MEDUSA scanning capabilities is being added this Summer: Per frame appearance capture. This will true skin pigmentation, color texture maps, luminosity, and blood flow of the actor’s face. This data seamlessly combines with the constant topology mesh provided for FACS or performance beats. These new upgrades will make a MEDUSA 2.0 Scan a one-stop-shop for all your facial capture needs, and make for a single sitting for your talent.

ILM is the exclusive provider of MEDUSA capture technology.


The Anyma Performance Capture system, developed by Disney Research Studios in partnership with ILM, is a flexible solution for unconstrained, markerless facial performance capture. Anyma allows the actor freedom to move around the performance space, and produces dense, consistent facial reconstruction at the quality of Medusa. The underlying actor model is built from a small number of Medusa reconstructions.

Anyma can be operated in several scenarios, ranging from a studio setup with an ADR-style booth, to on-set reconstruction with Technoprops helmet-mounted cameras (HMCs). The flexibility of Anyma allows us to operate from as few as a single camera, and can also work with many cameras placed around the scene.

Anyma delivers high-quality, dense, facial geometry accurately tracked over time, including per-frame eye gazes. Estimated per-frame skull positions are also provided automatically, removing the need to determine the head pose or HMC stabilization manually, and per-frame jaw positions are estimated from the deforming geometry.

No matter where your production is set up or where your cast resides, we can facilitate an Anyma capture session at a location of your choosing. ILM is the exclusive provider of Anyma services.



Pioneered by Industrial Light & Magic engineers for Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award®-nominated film The Irishman, the FLUX system allows for filmmakers to capture facial data on set without the need for traditional head-mounted cameras on the actor. This allows creatives to immerse their talent in their scenes without the technology getting in the way. Industrial Light & Magic and its Technoprops division developed both the FLUX camera hardware and the proprietary post production pipeline internally.

FLUX is currently available for shows who are completing their VFX work at ILM.