Craig Hammack Honored with Hamilton Award

45+ Years | 500+ Film and TV credits | 135+ Awards

SINCE 1975

Nov 25, 2016

ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Craig Hammack was honored at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards for Extraordinary Achievement in Film. The ceremony took place on November 6th, 2016 at Exchange LA.
Hammock was recognized for his contribution to the visual effects of Peter Berg’s ‘Deepwater Horizon’. Both Berg and lead actor Mark Wahlberg presented the award to Hammack. In Hammack’s acceptance speech he noted,

 “You know, when you work on a project like this and you get to know some of the people who lived the tragedy it quickly turns from a job to an honor and a responsibility. Hopefully we did justice to this story and the individuals and families who were impacted by this catastrophe.

He continued, “effects of this nature just don’t work without great collaboration with all departments and a good crew. We had both and I’d like to thank them for all their help and patience during the difficult shoot.
I’d also like to thank the Hamilton Awards on behalf of the hundreds of artists back at ILM and around the world who worked with us and with whom I share this amazing honor.”